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Overcoming obstacles to live a happier, more productive life!

In this dynamic and positive presentation, Claudia addresses how most obstacles can be overcome using tools that are readily available to you. From traditional treatments to faith-based exercises to new and cutting-edge medical treatments, Claudia will show you how to lead a happier, more productive, loving, and healthy life.

Learn how to:

  • Overcome addiction. There are many different addictions from drugs and alcohol to eating disorders and self-abuse. Each addiction is not the same nor should be treated the same way. Claudia will walk you through the options for various addictions and share with you the secrets the drug and rehab industry don’t want you to know.
  • Bring the right love into your life. Why are we attracted to the wrong people? How do we break the cycle of abuse and unhappiness? Claudia will give you tools to attract the right people into your life and show you how to get rid of toxic relationships.
  • Break the poverty cycle with a discussion on how to stop living a fear-based life and start leading a life filled with love and abundance.

The powerful Sinclair Method and how it can help you or your loved ones.

In this informative discussion, Claudia will explain the science behind The Sinclair Method (TSM), the most successful long-term treatment for alcoholism in the world boasting a staggering 78 percent success rate.

  • Claudia has been on The Sinclair Method since 2009 and it has successfully cured her alcoholism. She will discuss and compare the various options for alcoholics today and explain how TSM works.
  • TSM has been proven to work on other addictions such as gambling and opiate addiction. Claudia will explain how it works for a myriad of compulsive behaviors, including a breakthrough nasal spray for binge eaters that is currently in development.
  • Claudia will discuss how TSM works on the brain and what to expect, offering advice on:
    • How to deal with loved ones' best intentions;
    • How to communicate what is best for you as a recovering addict;
    • How to get the people around you to be a support system to gain control of your drinking or other addiction and not a trigger, whether you are using AA or TSM.
Claudia Christian Speaking

Bringing spirituality into your life and the near death experience.

Claudia talks about her near death experience as a teenager and how it changed her outlook on life and her belief in a higher energy.

  • Claudia shares personal stories of how making even the smallest choices can affect others, both positively and negatively, and how to focus your energy on being a loving and helpful being.
  • Whether you are an atheist, believe in God, or Mother Nature, Claudia explains how to live a life of filled with grace, compassion, and gratitude.
  • Claudia talks about her near death experience, what she saw in the tunnel of light, and why she believes the message she was given, though quite simple, is the most profound lesson of all.


Claudia Christian is a thoughtful, genuine, and compelling speaker, passion and full of life. During her talk, she kept the audience engaged and interested, sharing her own success story and passion for helping others overcome obstacles and addictions.
~ Holly Evans, Owner, Conventions, Etc.

When Claudia Christian spoke at our event, she offered powerful personal stories, practical scientific evidence, and inspirational encouragement to help our members take the first step in reclaiming  their lives. She’s eloquent and relatable — a perfect combination for a motivational speaker.
~ Roberto Casso, CEO of BestBequest.com.

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