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Babylon Confidential: A Memoir of Love, Sex and Addiction

Neil Gaimen"An honest, page-turning insight into alcoholism and the road back out."

Neil GaimanNew York Times Bestselling Author (American Gods, Sandman, Coraline, Stardust, The Graveyard Book)

Stephen Michael Cox"[Babylon Confidential] is from the heart, succinct, clear, and gives hope where there is none."

Stephen Michael Cox, MD, President, National Anxiety Foundation


Babylon Confidential is the story of my rise to success, how I came crashing down as a result of my addiction, and how I got my life back on track. It's filled with amazing Hollywood adventures, stories about Babylon 5 and my movies, but most importantly, it's a book I've written to help others – it's a story of hope for those suffering from alcohol addiction and their families.

76 million people suffer from alcohol addiction worldwide – 1.8 million die each year despite there being a readily available cure – The Sinclair Method – a safe, non-addictive drug-based option. Naltrexone has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of alcohol problems since 1994.

The Sinclair Method provides the first effective solution to the problem of excessive drinking. It utilizes a new form of medical technology developed over 20 years at the Biomedical Research Laboratories in Finland. It has an 80% success rate and has helped tens of thousands of people in Scandinavia.

Despite its proven effectiveness, few people have heard of it or realize the benefit it can offer to those suffering from the disease of alcoholism and their families.

The Sinclair Method saved my life and I believe it can help save the lives of many others – I've worked hard to make my memoir a compelling read – you won't be disappointed – so please support this book and help spread the positive message of hope that it contains.


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